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Are You Ready for the Minnesota Fishing Season?

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May 11th, 2024 marks the Minnesota Fishing Opener! Dating back over 70 years, the Minnesota Fishing Opener has been an annual celebration that marks the beginning of the fishing season in Minnesota. This tradition began in 1948 when Governor Luther Youngdahl declared the first Saturday in May as the opening day for fishing in Minnesota, a tradition that has since evolved into a statewide event celebrated on the second Saturday in May. Grab your gear, pack your tackle box, and get ready for a day of fishing fun on one of Minnesota’s most beautiful lakes. 

Leech Lake Walleye Tournament

Get ready for the thrill of the Leech Lake Walleye Tournament, continuing the proud tradition of walleye tournaments on Leech Lake that has spanned over 25 years! The entire Leech Lake community has come together to support these tournaments, with dozens of volunteers working tirelessly to ensure their success. Now, the tradition lives on with the new Leech Lake Walleye Tournament, promising exciting competition and the chance to reel in some impressive catches. Join us as we celebrate the rich history of walleye fishing on Leech Lake and make new memories that will last a lifetime!


The Leech Lake Walleye Tournament is a team event where anglers must register in pairs and fish together from the same boat. Solo fishing is discouraged, but exceptions can be made with prior notification to the tournament directors. Registration for the 2024 tournament can be done online, with a participation agreement requiring signatures from both team members. Anglers under 17 must be teamed with a parent or guardian, and those under 12 are ineligible to compete. Teams with a member 17 or younger can compete for special Adult/Youth division prizes.


This event will take place from May 31-June 1, 2024 in Walker, MN on Leech Lake. For more information on rules and payouts, visit the Leech Lake Walleye Tournament website. Hope to see you there!

Experienced Fishing Guides Available

With nearly a dozen bays and over 20 different species of fish, including Walleye, Muskie, and Bass, Leech Lake provides an exciting and varied fishing experience. Each bay offers unique features, from weedy bays to clear sand and rock-bottomed basins, ensuring that every fishing trip is different and exciting. For first-time anglers or those looking to enhance their fishing experience, hiring an experienced fishing guide can be a great way to navigate the vast lake and discover its best fishing spots. We provide a list of experienced guides who are knowledgeable about the lake and can offer a memorable fishing experience. Whether you’re looking for a half-day or full-day adventure, these guides can show you the ropes and help you make the most of your time on the water. So, if you’re ready to relax, fish, and explore one of Minnesota’s premier fishing destinations, consider hiring a guide for an unforgettable day on Leech Lake.


When you’re not on the water, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy in the Walker area such as shopping, hiking, biking, dining, and more. Need more information about the Leech Lake area? Contact the Leech Lake Chamber of Commerce! Don’t forget to download our “Explore Leech Lake” mobile app to access information about community events, our business directory, and more.


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