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Walker Adult Day Health

There are more then 8000 people within a 30 mile radius of the program that are 70 and older.  Only 1.25% need our help.

With that in mind there are 101 people that could greatly benefit from the care opportunities provided with Adult Day.

We are going door to door in order to reach all that need a little extra support in order to live and thrive at home.

Henry (name change to maintain confidentiality), is an Adult Day Participant.  He was living alone having recently lost his spouse.  He no longer worked due to heart and other physical challenges.  When visited by Adult Day, he said the walls were closing in on him.  He sometimes just stayed in town because he could not bare to go home. 

He decided to give the program a try.  Through Adult Day Attendance, he gained friendships, and enjoyed nutritious meals.  The use of Therapy equipment and scheduled exercise routines helped to improve his health.  His quality of life Changed with things to look forward to everyday. 


If you know of someone who could benefit, please call Deb Pierce at 218-751-1324 or Nikki Clark at 218-547-1242

We are happy to hear from you.



Nikki Clark, Program Director

Walker Adult Day Health

Phone:  218-547-1242

Fax:  218-547-4005

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