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Bike Friendly Walker

Walker Bike Friendly

Through the efforts of the Bike Friendly Walker committee, the small city nestled between Brainerd and Bemidji now boasts the highest per capita number of Bicycle Friendly Businesses in the United States.

In the spring and fall, people come to Walker for the nibbling fish of Leech Lake. In the winter, they appear in brightly colored jumpsuits ready for weekends on the snowmobile tracks. But what of the long, sunny summer? Through the efforts of Bike Friendly Walker—a committee of local advocates, city and county staff, hospitality stakeholders, and trail enthusiasts from the area—the city has become a luxurious destination for bike-minded tourists. One of the committee’s astounding feats over the past year was to recruit a boatload of local businesses to work on becoming more bike friendly. The result: last year, 10 companies in Walker were recognized as official Bicycle Friendly Businesses (or BFBs) by the League of American Bicyclists. In case you doubted your math, that means that this small city nestled between Brainerd and Bemidji now sports the highest per capita number of BFBs in the entire country! While this is obviously a boon for those who vacation in town, the people who work at the local hotels, restaurants, and school district also benefit from the extra support their employers provide them to lead two-wheeled lives.


Lifetime Service Award – Louis Moore

BFC Champion – Friends of the Jackson County Trails

BFB Champion – Bike Friendly Walker

Advocate of the Year (ind) – Barbara Beck

Advocate of the Year (org) – Minneapolis Bike Parks

Educator of the Year (org) – Safe Kids Coalition of NE Minnesota


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