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5 Things Walker, MN is Known For (and Why We’re Your Next Vacation Destination!)





Walker, Minnesota is a beautiful town located on Leech Lake, a popular lake for camping, fishing, and just plain enjoyment! If you’ve never heard of us, you may be wondering what makes us special? With our rich history, prime location, and local attractions, you’ll be sure to add Walker, MN as your next vacation destination!

5 things Walker, MN is known for

1. Fishing

One of the most popular things to do in Minnesota is fish, and Leech Lake is one of the best lakes for fishing. Thousands of people come to stay in Walker, Minnesota all throughout the year to partake in this beloved activity. Of course you can always bring your own boat and fish on your own schedule. However, if you’re not an avid fisher and/or you don’t own a boat, there are a variety of fishing guides that can help you on your way!

2. Walker Was a Big Player in the Logging Industry

In the late 1800s, the railway finally made its way to where Walker, MN is now. After the railway was established, Walker was founded and “supported a booming logging industry until 1925,” according to Leech Lake History. The 1900s is also when Walker started to become a popular tourist destination and cabins and resorts began popping up everywhere! If you’re interested in learning more about the history of Walker, you can visit the Cass County Museum through September!

3. Live Music

In July, the Moondance Jam is a popular music festival that sees nearly 25,000 people every night! In addition to the July music festival, Moondance also hosts a Harvest festival at the end of October where you’ll find beer and wine tasting and a variety of great local food and craft vendors! It doesn’t stop there. Every Thursday during the summer, there is a non-profit event series called Walker Bay Live which features live music, food, brews, and lots of activities for the whole family!

4. Variety of Events

Walker hosts lots of events throughout the year. For the remainder of 2022, some events to look forward to are our Save the Summer Bike and Brew Fest on September 24th at Portage Brewery, Festival of Lights on November 26th, and more! Check out our event calendar to see all of our upcoming events!

5. Bike Trails

Walker provides an exceptional amount of biking trails to explore with your family and friends! One of the well known biking trails, the Heartland State Trail, was first established in 1974 and runs 49 miles between Park Rapids and Cass Lake. Another favorite is the Paul Bunyan State Trail, Minnesota’s longest state trail. Stretching 123 miles from Crow Wing State Park to Bemidji State Park, this trail is perfect for getting out of the city and into nature. Are you up for the adventure? Don’t forget to bring your bike the next time you visit Walker, MN!

And more!

In addition to all of the fun things listed above, we also have great views (especially for those of you who love fall colors), a lively Farmer’s Market and Craft Market, amazing places to eat, the beautiful Leech Lake, and a variety of hotels and resorts that make great lodging for visitors of all forms!

Check out 6 Fun Ways to Experience Fall in Walker, MN for more fall fun to be had on your next trip to the Leech Lake area! 

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