Last Report until Ice Fishing

The extended gorgeous weather has not lead to increased fishing pressure.  On many local lakes in the Leech Lake area, you are only sharing it with duck hunters.  Perch have become more abundant in numbers and size.  any remaining weeds are holding good numbers, while the bigger ones have been holding a bit deeper, near steeper edges.  Jig and rainbow or jig and fathead work for perch.  Walker Narrows, Steamboat Bay, and the flats around Goose Island are all good shallow water haunts to catch these jumbos.  Walleyes are roaming and this water temp allows them to be spread out.  Classic fall steep breaks are a good starting point as are any wind blown point.  Don’t over think things, stick to a jig and minnow to put fish in the boat.  Reports have been sporadic in regards to location with some days being better in one area and the next that area isn’t nearly as good.  Wind blown points through the lake are still going to produce, especially if the wind has been blowing in for a couple days or more.  The flats around Goose Island are still kicking out fish, and their have been good reports from the SE corner of the lake near Bear Island and Partridge Point.

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