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May 3, 2018

Paws+Claws Rescue & Resort was honored to host the U of M College of Veterinary Medicine students participating in SIRVS (Student Initiative For Reservation Veterinary Services) whose mission is to train future veterinarians by serving communities in need. While in the Leech Lake area, they volunteered to perform spay & neuter surgeries for a few… More Info

February 12, 2018

Meet Mark… I met Mark Kirchner on January 02, 2014, just as he was starting his life over again. He was a bit distraught and struggling with depression as he was recently divorced after 33 years of marriage. Mark was unemployed at the time of our meeting but had worked doing jewelry design out of… More Info

July 25, 2017

The Forest Service yard is starting to work.  Pictured are pictures of bees pollinating by our Bee Balm. Please see the Star Tribune Article on Bee Balm! ! BEE BALM Monarda Bee balm is a must for summer gardens because it provides a month or more of colorful blooms. Several monarda species — including red-flowered M…. More Info

June 6, 2016

With continued expansion in social media platforms the importance of having a social media presence continues to grow. Beyond being able to expand your brand awareness and creating a more “emotional” relationship with consumers – having a social media presence is also a factor in a customer’s decision making process. Social media is quickly becoming… More Info