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Category: "Fishing Report"

Leech Lake Leech Lake has been busy of late with the LLWT and this past weekend the AIM Weekend Walleye Series tournaments. Many big fish were caught this weekend with weights over 30lbs for the CRR format, which makes it super competitive. The best fishing has been on the Main Lake, especially rocky bars and… More Info

As the shiner minnows and perch scatter, fishflies, and mayflies hatch, crayfish molt from their hard shells etc., walleyes really do have a buffet of food options now. Walleyes are definitely doing different things about the lake. We are catching walleyes on slip-bobber/leech combos in 6-foot-tall cabbage weeds, Jigging Rapalas in sand patches, pitching light… More Info

The fishing on Leech Lake remains very good. Some days are better than others but if you keep at it you can find fish. Things have definitely moved into an early summer pattern. When the wind blows the rock bite has been best. Look to reefs like Submarine Island and the Annex. Walleyes are also… More Info

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