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2016 Member Information form

Chamber Benefits

Please join us in promoting the Leech Lake Area!

2016 New Chamber Membership

Benefits and Privileges include:

 Listing in our 2016 Destination Guide (over 42,000 distributed annually).

  • Weekly email-keeps you informed on chamber activities & provides a spot for you to advertise free your events and promotions.
  • Photo and brief business description in the Pilot Independent
  • ONE newsletter attachment flier entire chamber membership for your business
  • Free listing on leech-lake.com.
  • Be a part in $170,000.00 of annual promotions.
  • Mini-Web page on web-site including pictures and details of your business.
  • Exclusive Member to Member communication/marketing opportunities to 280 members.
  • Hotline call list (for example: shoplifter reports or bad checks/cash being passed).
  • Numerous Chamber Member exclusive advertising opportunities.
  • Fulltime staffed information center that responds to 3000 annual inquires, and provides recommendations exclusively to Chamber member businesses. Includes telephone, email and person to person referrals.
  • Lobby Display racks for brochures.
  • First opportunities to participate in special events.
  • Opportunity to be featured as our “Member of the Week”
  • Host Business After Hours at your business location.
  • Access to membership lists – printed is free prepared mailing list is $30.
  • Opportunities to support our community by creating new events and attractions.
  • Encourage a unified community.

Be a part of your community by joining the Leech Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.






3 part-time employees/commissioned salespersons equal 1 full-time employee.

10 campsites equal 1 cottage

(Fractions will be rounded down to next whole number).

10 seasonal mobile homes equal 1 cottage

(Fractions will be rounded down to next whole number).

2 launches equal 1 cottage (Fractions will be rounded down to next whole number).

1 houseboat equals 1 cottage.


Where the term unit is used, it means the number of cottages, rooms, seasonal mobile homes, campsites, or launches (figured according to the above listed specifications) for the following businesses:  resorts, motels, B & B, campgrounds, houseboats, and launch services.


All businesses are to go to the first category, which fits their business and that is the tier into which they would fall.

Any multiple businesses in the Chamber area must join at the rate of their highest single unit.  The business owner may also join each of his multiples, separately, at a 50% discount off their tier.  Member pays the highest tier in full; the second business qualifies for the discounted rate.  If there is a third and fourth business then the third pays full and the fourth pays half.

An associate membership is defined as:  Those who transact business in the area with no Real Estate investment (owned or leased) in the primary chamber business area.




A. 17 or more units with dining and/or liquor (lodging).

B. 23 or more units (lodging)

C. 23 or more employees (retail/restaurant).

D.  Over 10,101 square feet primary 1st floor retail (retail/restaurant)

E. 13 or more employees (professional/services)




A. 11 to 16 units dining and/or liquor (lodging).

B. 17 to 22 units (lodging).

C. 17 to 22 employees (retail/restaurant).

D. 7,501 to 10,000 square feet primary 1st floor retail (retail/restaurant).

E. 7 to 12 Employees (professional/services)

          TIER III


A. 5 to 10 units with dining and/or liquor (lodging).

B. 11 to 16 units (lodging).

C. 11 to 16 employees (retail/restaurant).

D. 2,501 to 7,500 square feet primary 1st floor retail (retail/restaurant).

E. 5 to 6 employees (professional/services).

F.  Golf course with dining and/or liquor.


            TIER IV


A.  Up to 4 units with dining and/or liquor (lodging).

B. 5 to 10 units (lodging).

C. 5 to 10 employees (retail/restaurant).

D. 1,001 to 2,500 square feet primary 1st floor retail (retail/restaurant).

E. 3 to 4 employees (professional/services).

F.  Golf course with no dining and/or liquor.




A.  Up to 4 units (lodging).

B.  Up to 4 employees (retail/restaurant)

C.  Up to 1,000 square feet primary 1st floor retail (retail/restaurant).

D. 1 to 2 employees (professional/services).



$70.00     Sr. Citizen/Individual Membership

$120.00   Church Membership/Nonprofit organizations

$220.00   Associate Membership (description just above Tier I)

$260.00   Guide/Professional Services (0 employees)

$500.00   Governmental, town & county organization